How to Decorate Your Living Room ?

When you are designing a small living room, your main objective has to be tricking your idea into creating a feeling of a larger space. Such an approach can do a complete makeover to an area that looks shrunk and causes claustrophobia so as to make it artistically pleasant and create a real homely feeling.

A vasthu-compliant home will maximize light and space. Conversely, if you design in such a way that it gets the most of light and space, it would become vasthu-compliant by design. More importantly, pay heed to how to use color, scale, and weight. The outcome will be great.

An eclectic design will do wonders if there is a large antique piece with complementing modern elements around it. However, it does not work the other way around most of the time, especially for smaller living rooms. For small living rooms, hang up a large mirror in a central setting to create a focal point. This goes behind a light source like a candle or pendant lamp so as to reflect light and introduce a nice ambiance.

IIf the living room has a high ceiling, capitalize on the extra space by ornamenting in a manner all the eyes entering the room turn upwards.